Climate Action Systems is a nonprofit organization uniting efforts to resolve the climate crisis by creating a powerful network of impact.
Together, we can regenerate our planet
There are thousands of individuals, organizations, and governments working to address climate change. In fact, if you combined the amount of capital and human energy invested in resolving the crisis, you’d have the world’s third largest economy!

This gives us hope because there is already enough awareness of climate change to make a real difference!

What’s missing is a way to unite and coordinate our efforts.
Transforming independent actions
into a cascade of impact
We formed Climate Action Systems to bring teams and activists together - to help people discover one another, share ideas, resources, and experiences - and to accelerate our impact.

Our vision is to create a connective infrastructure that builds on our gains in climate action and allows us to scale success across the globe.

Together, we can move beyond silos into networks of impassioned changemakers and committed organizations.

We can create a ripple effect that regenerates sustainable life on our planet.
A revolution in climate action
Join a global community collaborating to scale our efforts for the planet

Planet is a breakthrough app that uses network intelligence to transform disparate climate actions into a cascade of impact. Adoption of the app accelerates progress by facilitating the discovery of new knowledge and connecting collaborators to projects of shared interest. The Planet network spreads innovation, accelerates learning, and allows us to coordinate action more effectively than ever before!
Designed to Empower Climate Activists
We asked ourselves what was missing and built the tech to unleash our collective potential
Next Gen Collaboration Tools
The Planet app has all of the collaboration tools that a group of activists needs in one place. From voting on decisions to polling the group, gathering feedback, and discussing ideas, Planet offers us a powerful platform for managing climate action initiatives and building on our successes.
Climate Network Intelligence
The more individuals and groups operate within the Planet network, the more the app makes intelligent connections between topics, people, and projects. As we share and contribute, we generate a cascade of impact by inspiring others that are learning from our experiences.